Monday, December 2, 2013

Country Threads UFO November

My 11th UFO is finished for the Country Threads UFO Challenge and it was number 11 on the list. It is "Turkey Lurkey" by Maggie Bononomi. Her original design was a pillow...I just made a little mat out of it. And bonus, I finished it just in time for Thanksgiving.

Only one more project to go...then I'm going to make my list of UFOs for next year! Anyone care to join me in the challenge?


  1. I love the projects you've gotten done, and I'm going to do this next year, too. It really does help get me motivated to have a little pressure! I made the wreath you finished for October several years ago and always hang it at Christmas - guess it's time to get it out.
    How was the Star Party? I thought I saw you and Leigh in one of the pictures. The timing just wasn't right for me this fall. I really liked the name tag she had for it.

    1. Hi Kathy, Sorry, I just read this. December has been a crazy month as always with holidays and such. Then right in the middle of it my youngest son moved to Atlanta.
      and then I got the flu right before Christmas. No time to do anything.
      Star Party was fun but but we felt it was a bit much for them to tag it onto Boxwood and Berries. I think they were exhausted by the time it started but they managed to do it all with smiles. The only thing was, out of the 4 projects we did, 3 were pinkeeps. Leigh says she never wants another pin keep because how many does a girl really need!?! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Happy New Year.