Thursday, January 24, 2013

Quilt Room Challenge 2013 Version

The best way to have a clean quilt room is to:
 Remove the black cabinet and put it in Daniel's room (and fill it with yarn and knitting supplies).
Take the big chair out and put it in the den. 
Buy some Container Store Elfa Storage system drawer units AND FILL THEM UP!

Voila, very neat and clean sewing room. I might add that it is a pleasure to sew in here! With the new, big HD TV Mike gave me for Christmas and the wonderful state of this room,  I may never come out.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Country Threads UFO Initiative

Country Threads from Garner, IA is challenging themselves to finish 12 UFO projects this year. So, instead of starting yet another BOM, I decided to participate in their challenge. First, we had to list 12 unfinished projects, which I didn't think I would be able to do. But, I actually came up with 13 projects without even moving from the spot I was standing in. Each month Connie, from Country Threads will draw a number and that is the project you need to work on/finish. So, here is my list:

#5 was selected for the January project. Here is my completed X-tra Special Quilt. A pattern and kit from Quilter's Coop in California.

So far, so good. One project completed.
Remember the Quilt Room Challenge from 2 years ago, well....
EEEK WHAT HAPPENED? Actually it isn't as bad as it looks. I'm cleaning out and reorganizing so stay tuned for the "finished" picture.