Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Well the holidays are over and I spent a wonderful week in San Diego with Leigh. We rented a cottage on the beach on Coronado Island and it was heaven. Nothing better than having your morning coffee in your jammies with your toes in the sand.

When I got home it was time to get to work on the next Kim Diehl Simple Whatnots session. I only had a week to make the first quilt. It went well and the girls in the class thought it was just as cute as always. It is "Barnstars" and the pattern makes a very nice little star block.

I won't be leading the club in February because we will be doing a little travelling. After some discussion (read: no one else wanted to make the February quilt) I happily :) offered to make it for whoever would be teaching. I had even less time to get this quilt done, 4-1/2 days to be exact. Power sewing here I come! "True Blue" turned out beautiful.


It was pieced, quilted and bound....I took this picture of it and immediately saw THREE, yes 3, glaring mistakes. How could I have done that!

Now what to do? I'm the class leader, I can't  show my girls a sample that has three blocks turned in the wrong direction. But, friends assured me it would be OK. After all, the quilt was completed and what could I do?  

I knew I couldn't leave it as it was, that was just not happening. After sleeping (well actually not sleeping very well) on it. here is what I did.

I picked out the quilting stitches.

I ripped out the three offending blocks ending up with holes in the quilt top.

I tucked the blocks back in...and pinned them in place.

I hand sewed them in almost using a reverse applique technique.

I put it back on the quilting machine and "filled in the quilt pattern". Thankfully I had just done an allover meandering. If it had been a pattern my goose would have been cooked!

And now....I think, hope, pray that it is right. If additional mistakes are noticed, please do not let the quilter know. A small quilt that I hoped to have completed in a day has taken me four days to finish!

So much for being in a hurry! 

 I think I'll go to South Carolina now and enjoy the slow pace of the south!

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