Thursday, September 1, 2011

September 1 Update

 OK, I didn't make any progress on the sewing room this month. None. Zippo. but  here is the Atlanta queen size quilt I am working on. It's a lot of little pieces - mostly half square triangles made the old way. One at a time!

This is the Jo Morten quilt from July...I don't think I showed you a picture of it before.

Here are the three challenge projects from the August Jo Morton meeting. Docia gave us a charm pack of blue and brown Jo fabric to see what we could make. I make the scrappy squares quilt first, then the basket quilt, then the Grandma's flowers pin cushion. I just added sashing, background and borders and a little narrow border respectively'

I'm thinking not too much progress will be made next month either. This is getting to be a trend. I'm going to the Madison Quilt Show next week. Then Mike and I are going to Charlotte, NC and Charleston, SC for 10 days in September. Ben and Daniel are meeting us in Charleston for a weekend, the last weekend we will be in Charlotte with Daniel. Those should be some fun photos.  I owe the boys a beer!

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