Sunday, July 3, 2011

Quilt Room Challenge June

During June I finished Marcia's quilt (pink and brown quilt pictured on bed). When we bought those quilt kits we each got one. My quilt top is finished and is on the quilting machine. It's about half done so I'm calling it good to show for the month of June. I also made the fall version of the little alphabet sampler...very cute. I actually put my Pfaff machine away which was no small feat as it goes in the closet that's in the corner behind the chair with everything piled in front of it.

Here is the quilt I made for Jo Morton for the June meeting. Very cute and versatile. I think the colors will work for a number of different seasons and holidays. It's looking good for the 4th of July!

This is kind of cheating posting this photo as this quilt was not made during June. However, it is the quilt that I am giving to Ben's friend Stu so I thought I would show you a picture of it. It's a nice "guy" quilt.

I'm working away like crazy on several more things. I seem to have alot of hand projects in the works. Check back next month and see where I'm at with everything.

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